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I was seen by Dan for a back injury that appeared out of nowhere.  No idea how I hurt it, but it was bad enough where I could only walk a few feet before it was too painful to continue, and I was hunched over and crooked.  Dan adjusted my back the first time, and it was night and day.  I was able to stand straight and walk out relatively normal.  I was blown away.  After just a couple weeks I was back to 100% with no pain at all!   Thank you so much!

Cory T.


For months I had been having pain in my right hip that continued to get worse and then started with lower back and sciatica pain all the way down my leg to my ankles.  It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t sit at work or even drive for more than 20 minutes without being in severe pain so I went to my doctor thinking I would need to have an MRI and see a specialist and possibly have to have surgery.  She highly recommended Dr. Dan to me so I called that day and started my PT plan that week and cannot believe that within weeks I am completely better and able to do all the things I couldn’t before without any pain at all.  I am even hiking now and started exercising again because I am feeling so much better and so grateful for it.  Thank you Dr. Dan and staff.  I highly recommend Biddeford Physical Therapy to all my friends and family and anyone who is in pain and in need of PT!

Cathy M.


I came in with left shoulder pain.  I could not do any overhead work without pain.  I was limited as to what I could do in the gym.  I am now pain free and can do all the activities without pain.  My workouts have improved greatly.  Dan and his crew did an excellent job of diagnosing my problem and came up with a large variety of exercises and treatments.

Alan G.

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